Develop An Educational Marketing Plan

Liz Kistner - Monday, October 27, 2014

How does your university's message not get lost in the sea of direct mail and email campaigns that go out on a daily basis?  Developing an educational marketing plan is critical for the smooth sailing of your campaigns. 

Three key points as noted at the Aslanian Conference- Marketing to The Adult Learner, June 4, 2010.

1. Target Marketing - Target your marketing through segmentation analyses. Understand who your best prospects are through modeling which predicts those likely to enroll, behaviors/attitudes, channel engagement, and attrition.

2. Best Direct Mail Practices - Picking a list is not always easy.  With over 67,000 list options EMS can help your institution select the right list for the right campaign.

  • Incorporate A/B test splits with rich segmentation selects.
  • Test QR Codes in your creative and outside envelope.
  • PURL's:  Drive your leads to the landing page in which the offer was intended through personalized URL's.  Incorporate reply choices:  personalized URL, 800 number and/or pre-populated business reply card (BRC).  
  • Email Marketing Understand best practices for from line, subject line; incorporate A/B subject line splits, share links and embed rich URL's for segmentation targeting.

3. Marketing Metrics - How do you leverage web behavior and response to understand the right time, right message, and right channel? Create a lead marketing program for your university through a digital marketing platform that gives your school a complete digital toolset you need to drive revenue and cultivate relationships. Solutions include: scoring, ranking, routing, CRM syncing, alerting, monitoring and nurturing. Metrics allow your university the ability to:

  • Measure/Compare/Contrast
  • Measure Online Lift From Offline Activity
  • Understand Students Preferences and Experiences
  • Understand Marketing ROI Initiative Per Channel

Develop an educational plan using three key indicators: target marketing, best practices, and marketing metrics. The key to enrollments is: over time- not overnight, and multi-touch. Reach out to your prospect multiple times through multi-channel avenues which include a postal/email campaign, multiple email blasts or multiple postal touches.

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