E-Mail Analytics

Liz Kistner - Monday, October 27, 2014

Your e-mail campaign that deployed last week had stellar results.  You used a catchy "subject" line, the "from" line stated strong branding, and you deployed on the right date and time, but received very little response to your offer.  What factors led to a low response rate?  The definition of a responder is one who goes one step beyond clicking on the links: they request information.

One way to quantify your marketing investments and gage effectiveness is through E-mail analytics.  This process allows you to increase the level of intelligence about your prospect.   Analytics delivers new knowledge and insight by identifying attributes of those that clicked thru.  These attributes may include titles, job functions, company size, or industry for example.  This type of analysis can determine the responders most likely to respond to your future campaigns.  

Trying to find a competitive edge?  E-mail analytics allows you to create appropriate e-mails to the appropriate prospect.  If your niche is working adults vs. young adults you want to make sure that you speak the right language for the right audience.  Your prospects are savvy.  Use this tool to help you market to the appropriate students.