Email Messages That Motivate

Liz Kistner - Monday, October 27, 2014

How do you stand out in your prospects inbox?  Like a first date, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  How many emails are sent every day which include email-ready devices that are flooding the market:  294 billion as counted by Radicati Group.  Stand out from all the “noise” where prospects are overwhelmed by marketing and advertising messages by creating email messages that motivate your prospect to take action.  Six tips to boosting click thru rate and ROI:

--From Line is critical as recipients open emails from whom they know and trust.  You’re from line is your branding identification. Using a person’s name is best only when the prospects have already had direct contact with that person. ABC University is the best practice from line.  Use it consistently to establish instant recognition and trust. Subject lines convey important, timely information. Be creative, incorporate sense of urgency, highlight primary offer of the message, and keep it under 40 characters. Mobile devices cut off after only eight to 10 characters, or about 35 characters on iPads. Test A/B split subject lines to understand what motivates them to engage.

--Generate response with messages that are valued through the strength of and quality of your brand.  Powerful brands increase market share and loyalty. The power of a brand lies in the minds of your students' perceptions:  what they have learned, heard, felt or seen as a result of their experience overtime. Ultimately your students determine what your brand means.

--Define, segment and test your market by embedding different messaging URL tracks for different email interactions.  Quantify your marketing efforts by identifying the largest, most-targeted market possible and then segmenting them further to identify most like to enroll.  Incorporate call to action messaging throughout which includes:  request information, attend an information session, and contact us.    

--Enhance social-sharing experience by giving your prospects the ability to connect with others.  Ensure rewarding user experiences with share worthy content. Include icons in your email that encourage prospects to share content and join your social network. Opinions of current peers carry weight. Populate messaging around events, testimonials, relevant stories and videos.   

--Communicate using channels that are most likely to generate a response. Mobile, screen tablet devices, or smart phones?  How many of your prospects are checking their emails on the “go”.  Include key messaging in the top-left corner as well as creating emails that are 600pixel wide to create a positive experience.  Communicate relevancy. Create two-way dialogue that nurtures a strong connection with your prospects and entices them to provide additional information about themselves. 

--Improve contact strategies through modeling.   Use a modeling formula (attitudinal and behavioral characteristics) that will improve your contact strategies that not only identifies your best prospects, but also tells you what type of messages and offers motivate them. Generate response with communication themes such as “work hard, play hard”, “look at me now”, or “no time like the present”. 

Crafting relevant emails is more important than ever due to the overwhelming number of marketing messages prospects get in their cluttered inbox. Create messages that motivate your prospect to engage through social-sharing, testing subject line splits, using contact strategies, and leveraging your brand. Bottom line:  don’t wait. Start today.