How Do You Recruit In A Highly Networked, Constantly "On World"?

Liz Kistner - Monday, October 27, 2014

How do you recruit in a highly networked, constantly “on world” which includes social media, blogs, and mobile marketing?  Understand “rules of engagement” in the online world to maximize the effectiveness at recruiting prospective students while maintaining a strong brand image.  

  • Incorporate online and offline channel strategies to build brand awareness and increase return on investment. Online/offline channels may consist of PURL’s, , and . Reshape outreach strategy and how you connect with your audience through segmentation analysis, branding, and messaging. 

  • Create that incorporate compelling call to action, pages that are easy to scan and forthright.

  • Test, test, and test again which will help you uncover the underlying drivers behind response and conversion rates. Test deeper list segments to understand what drives positive results and higher enrollments.  Email:  test from/subject line content, number of links, various design layouts or ratio of text to images.  Postal:  test content, creative size, location of call to action, links that drive the prospect to the website.

  • Create an  that will enhance your overall marketing objectives.  Generate online traffic, position your content, and increase brand awareness. 

Social mediums are still emerging and still so new.  Not all channels are mature enough or scalable enough to understand what is generating the highest return.   The methodologies you use can be simple or complex.     Continually monitor and analyze performance to determine what strongly engages your prospects.