Lead Generation Tactics For Higher ROI

Liz Kistner - Monday, October 27, 2014

Lead generation is critical for the vitality of any institution.  Generating leads should not be a project but a process; an ongoing process to find qualified leads that will help your institution increase productivity, efficiencies and enrollments. 5 tactical strategies include:  

1.  Plan your approach- Plan and coordinate efforts by creating unifying brand campaigns around mission, vision, values, communication themes, and goals.  Incorporate integrated lead generation tactics that will allow you to see quantitative, measurable lift in overall performance through the use of a multi-channel approach.  Align communication channels with your recruitment goals.  Channels may include:  SEO, Direct traffic, Referrals, Paid Search, Direct mail marketing (postal/email), Events, Mobile, and Social Media.  

2.  Research and define your target audience-Achieve the highest quality, most cost effective leads through research and target marketing.  Use market research to help your institution gain deeper insight to a prospect students thoughts and process regarding why or why they do not enroll.  Use target marketing and predictive modeling to will help you understand attitudinal, behavioral lifestyles attributes (what does my student look like?) as well as qualify your current prospective pool as well as future leads.  Focus on quality not quantity. 

3.  Build assets-Develop messages that are tied to your goals and objectives.  Messages should be developed with a desired outcome. Include clarity, consistency, main points, tone, and credibility.   Invigorate your brand by creating memorable experiences, tell authentic stories, show the importance, urgency, or magnitude  of why they should engage with your university.  

4.  Execute-Develop an annual communication action plan to help guide your team and stakeholders.  Having an enrollment plan in place that articulates a focused, strategic, and future oriented framework (strategic plan, KPI's, analytics, infrastructure, tactics/strategies)will help you achieve optimal growth.

5.  Measure-Measure the impact of your print, web, and email based communication touch points.  Use measurement tools to compare results of each marketing channel used (CRM, lead scoring tool, lead nurturing, Google Analytics) which will help quantify effectiveness of each channel.  Understand lifetime value of your students, CPL, CPI, CPA, CPE.  Monitor progress and evaluate outcomes; make mid-course corrections based on findings.