Lead Management Strategy: A Holistic Approach

Liz Kistner - Monday, October 27, 2014

"All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved" Sun Tzu Chinese General. Build a lead management strategy that is not just about the tactics employed to achieve your enrollment goals, instead use a holistic approach through marketing automation to build and nurture your prospect relationships; a holistic activity that spans the prospect's lifecycle: brand awareness, engagement, and application to enrollment. How do you effectively plan? 

-- Targeting Prospects - Your database is your most valuable marketing asset. Maximize opportunity by having the most current and accurate information such as demographic and behavior information which includes age, gender, job title, home address, email address, and company name. Capture on-going suppressions and updates. Prepare your data by de-duplication, standardization, and loading to the system.  

-- Understand Behavior - Prospect behavior will reveal information to help you understand future engagement interaction. What defines a "qualified" lead? How quickly will they enroll? How do they want to be contacted? What type of program(s) and/or degrees are they looking for? How do they consume information? How did they learn about your university or program? Where are they in the enrollment cycle?  

-- Communication Strategy - Communication can be a unique challenge. How do you message your purpose? How do you duplicate best practices? How do you build alignment across disparate markets? Marketing and admissions should work as a team. Communication starts with setting clear rules and definitions: understanding what defines a "lead". Is someone a suspect, prospect, qualified prospect, or enrollment-ready? What is the function of each role? Sharing of information (new programs, locations or metrics) between marketing and admissions, staff, faculty, or provost is critical to ensure alignment and ability to respond to the world of changes. 

Using a turnkey solution, a managing automation platform will give your university the tools to efficiently make informed decisions about its lead management strategy. Marketing automation is not just about the tactics used to achieve enrollment goals or a specific outcome, but is a more holistic approach to building and nurturing relationships with your prospects.

FAQ: Is lead nurturing right for your university?