Plan, Process, and Preparation

Liz Kistner - Monday, October 27, 2014

"I have an open house in two weeks and need to put together a campaign".   "I needed it to be in the mail weeks ago".  "My agency is not meeting my deadlines".  "My creative piece is not ready".   Sound familiar?  Understandably, in a perfect world things would get done on a timely basis.  Things unexpectedly come up and you veer off course.  The best way to stay the course is to map out a process that fits your needs and schedules.  A process map will help you keep track of:

External Tasks

  • Meet with List Broker to identify campaign requirements
  • List Research; Review Analytics; Back End Analysis
  • List Rental; Mail House Agreements; NDA's
  • Estimates; LOA; SOW
  • Various Meetings

External Milestones

  • Review List Broker recommendations for campaign requirements
  • List Research completed
  • Order lists
  • List Rental/Mail House Agreements completed
  • Want Date to Mail House; Mail Date(s)
  • External element status meetings


  • Campaign requirements set
  • Lists Ordered
  • List files at Service Bureau
  • Print and Production deadlines
  • Mail Dates that ensure proper delivery of "time sensitive" materials

Project Summaries & Progress Reports

  • Periodic reports from all aspects of the project/campaign.  These come in the form of brief "stand-up" meetings or email correspondence depending on your organization and  needs.

Tasks At hand

  • Generally refer to the near-term tasks, such as, what's due this week in order for the project/campaign to stay "on-track".

What does your process map look like?