Remain Relevant with Advancing Technology Tools

Liz Kistner - Monday, October 27, 2014

Keeping up with rapidly advancing technology effectively can be challenging. Technology is just a tool. Technology by itself does not produce great results. How do you leverage technology to lower cost per acquisition, maximize efficiency, and increase enrollments? Marketing professionals must learn about, implement and use technology to their utmost advantage as tools for recruitment, enrollment management, and data analysis to achieve best ROI. How do you decide which tools to use? Key takeaways include having a solid process, clear enrollment goals, and frequent testing, then course correction based on analytical findings.

Three technology tools: 

Social Media Tools:

Social Media tools give you the ability to monitor your university to see what is being said about you on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social outlets which allows you to judge current social media efforts and act quickly when needed.

Benefits include: 

  • Place quantitative figures on social media effectiveness
  • Allow quick response to negative press or misinformation
  • Track success of individual social media efforts for stickiness, buzz and response
  • Find influencers or brand evangelists who help promote your institution
  • Realize the perception of your brand so you can take quick steps to further or counter that information

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Lead Nurturing:

What if you could analyze any campaign, across any vertical, and across multiple digital channels, all with real-time results? How are you currently measuring channel ROI? A dynamic dashboard interface would give a centralized view of all digital channel deployments with ready-to-use insight and analytics to determine best channel investment(s); marketing analytics that analyze data captured by web and email tools.

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Benefits include:

  • Gauge the effectiveness of the quality of the leads
  • Enhance ROI because a prospect, once generated, is a "sunk cost."
  • Determine what channels generate the best quality leads with respect to conversion ratios
  • Score prospects to determine "most likely to enroll"

Data Enhancement: 

  • Reverse email append- Enhance the effectiveness of your database through reverse email append, which is a process where you run your file against a 107 million name database creating a match/append of email addresses. Reverse email append will allow you to grow the number of email addresses you have in your database.
  • Market Segmentation=target marketing. Knowing your students and giving them what they want through target marketing and building strong brand and channel relationships will help you find new markets, new opportunity, and the ability to better serve the needs of your prospects. 

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Benefits include:

  • Understand differences in prospect sub populations
  • Fine tune acquisition and targeting strategies
  • Implement reactivation programs for stagnant prospects
  • Create relevant offer / channel strategies

Develop an enrollment strategy to remain relevant, with enough flexibility to allow the approach to constantly evolve; a strategy that uses technology to remain competitive in the marketplace, drive better decisions, and more effect marketing campaigns.