Reverse eMail Append

Liz Kistner - Monday, October 27, 2014

Part of mining your database is to make sure you have all the necessary components: name, address, phone number and other demographic information. What percentage of your records has email address?

Enhance the effectiveness of your database through reverse email append, which is a process where you run your file against a 107 million name database creating a match/append of email addresses. Reverse email append will allow you to grow the number of email addresses you have in your database. Having this information will allow you to send branded email messages designed to increase communication with those in your database for various reasons:

  • Faster and cost effective way to reactivate inactive prospects.
  • Cross sell: programs, certifications, conferences, seminars, special invitations.
  • Engage through articles, whitepapers or other content that will boost relationship building.
  • Understand web behavior of those in your database.
  • Give your institution the ability to create relevant email messaging based on the analytics, patterns, or demographic make-up of your database.
  • Email increases the lifetime value of your student.
  • Drive them to your website.
  • Analyze perception of offline/online presence of your institution.
  • Uncover the primary drivers which lead to enrollments.
  • 18-24 year old- 34% prefer email messaging
  • 25-34 year old- 58% prefer email messaging
  • 35-44 year old- 78% prefer email messaging
  • 45-54 year old- 80% prefer email messaging

According to ExactTarget 2008 Messaging Preferences by Age Group report:

What communication method are you using to deliver your marketing message? Email marketing is a power tool used for recruiting students, engaging with your current students, or giving you the ability to develop life- long relationships with alumni. Mine your database as effectively as you can!