The Power of E-Mail Marketing

Liz Kistner - Monday, October 27, 2014

What are you waiting for?

  • 246,402,574 people use the internet (73.1% of the population as of 3/08).
  • Internet usage is growing at a rate of 127.9% per year according to Internet World Stats.
  • Marketing is technology.  Technology is changing the way schools reach prospective students.  Technology is vital to your success.  Use technology to build and grow relationships with your database (lifetime value) as well as cultivate new prospects. 


  • Driven responses instantaneously.
  • Create and Increase awareness with your programs.
  • Ability to cross sell degrees, programs, certifications, training programs.
  • Drive revenue and profit without print and postage.
  • Reinforce brand identity: people open emails from whom they know and trust.
  • Track and forecast results within 48-72 hours.
  • Create urgency with upcoming open houses and/or open enrollments.
  • Navigate prospects to your website.
  • Increased visibility.
  • Do you have Alliance Companies within your organization?  Email them with a call to action!
  • According to the U.S Department of Education enrollments in institutions of higher education are projected at 16 million for fall 2008.  What percentage will your school enroll?

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