Project Management

Project Management GraphicEnrollment Marketing Solutions helps organizations improve outcomes by identifying overarching strategies to guide planning and develop an action and support plan, and determine specific tactics and action items to ensure the plan is operationalized, supported, realistic, and sustainable using a disciplined approach to address project needs.

Our Project Services Include:

Planning and Organization:

  • Determine and implement organizational structures to align with strategic mission and vision
  • Build relationships (internal/external) to effectively develop strategic goals
  • Contribute and advice on strategic thinking and work based on knowledge of project management processes
  • Understanding adaptive project planning methodologies

Communication, Outreach and Recruitment:

  • Build, foster, and maintain collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders to increase profile, reputation, visibility and support
  • Create plans to drive awareness in appropriate markets
  • Proactively communicate clearly and frequently leading the team’s communication plan
  • Partner with organizations to continue to innovate and enhance project performance

Tactics and Execution:

  • Promote and contribute to business unit’s culture and environment; setting example within the project team and discipline for adherence to quality and process
  • Lead resource allocation across all creative production projects and identifying internal and external resources needed to support project; Coordinate efforts and resources to achieve goals
  • Apply critical and analytical thinking to identify strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions and approaches to problems
  • Implement a change strategy successfully through a systematic evaluation to determine the need for change in a deliberate manner:  structured, planned

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