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Portfolio of ServicesStrategic planning is the foundation designed to help you achieve and maintain optimum recruitment, retention, graduation rates, and improved outcomes; a methodology to clearly articulate direction through planning. Four pillars for strategic planning include: strong infrastructure, organic growth by continually improving operational, sales, and marketing execution, brand strategy that connects your brand to your core audience through deliberate articulation of value, and innovation and adaptation in an environment with myriad communication and organizational complexities.

Enrollment Marketing Solutions, Inc. helps organizations develop a framework to meet project objectives and achieve successful outcomes.  This framework would allow you to see how the pieces of the plan fit together:

  • Where are we now?  Review your current strategic position and clarify your mission, vision, and values
  • Where are we going?  Establish your competitive advantage and your vision.  Clearly see the direction your organization is headed
  • How will we get there?  Lay out the road to connect where you are now to where you‘re going. Setting strategic objectives, goals, and action items and how the plan will be executed

Strategic Framework for Effective Leadership, Communication, and Assessment Include:

Clarify mission, vision, values.

Identify stakeholders that will serve as the catalyst driving the implementation process. Identify requirements and overarching strategies that will guide planning. Develop an action and support plan that will determine specific tactics, actionable items to ensure the plan is operationalized, supported, realistic and sustainable.

Leverage metrics to gauge organizational effectiveness, the future of technology, data, social media, website, multimedia platforms, market positioning, and existing resources.

Bridge front-end planning (scope, time, cost, risk) with lessons learned, best practices, tactics and approaches to developing an innovative enrollment strategy. Establish a plan with identifiable goals, strategic and action plans, and outcomes and achievements.

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