WBE Integrated Marketing Services

Enrollment Marketing Solutions is a woman owned (WBE and BEP Certified) full-service Marketing Project Management Firm (PMP Certified) delivering full integrated marketing and communications strategies and campaigns. We have designed and executed full integrated marketing services in Healthcare and Higher Education.

Since 2006, we have a proven track record creating value and successful outcomes. Our success can be attributed to incorporating sustainable approaches for our clients and holistic strategies using proprietary approaches, customized solutions, industry best practices, scalable tools, and techniques.
Our Results: Increased stakeholder & consumer engagement/communications; campaign performance metrics exceed client’s goals; achieved operational improvement & efficiencies
Our Specialty: Designing and executing successful marketing and communications strategies and campaigns

Our Expertise: Communications & Stakeholder Management and Engagement, Consumer Enrollment Management & Recruitment, Strategic Marketing & Communications Plans and Campaigns, Data Integrating, Analytics & Reporting, Project Management (Full-service)
Our Differentiators: Our core competencies are Enrollment Management (Strategy & Execution), Marketing Campaigns, Communications Strategy & Recruitment

Areas of Expertise

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