Strategy, Planning & Execution

  • Develop strategies for activating communities through partnerships, targeted outreach, and hyperlocal engagement initiatives
  • Develop appropriate approach(s) and plan(s) for communications based on stakeholder’s information needs and requirements, and available organizational assets
  • Design strategies and implement integrated communications and marketing plans that establish vision and mission and bring commitment to life among stakeholders
  • Model the diversity of stakeholder needs, goals, and interactions as the foundation for developing a principled, creative, and adaptive communications and community-building strategy
  • Direct service provider related to strategic communications & recruitment providing assistance and support to help our clients deliver high quality, innovation, and comprehensive services; collaborate with stakeholders, community partners, agencies, and public officials and advance systemic change; keep stakeholders and community informed using accurate, up-to-date, and consistent messaging;  act as a  steward allocating resources responsibility and effectively

Stakeholder Management

  • Develop maps of stakeholder connections and existing relationships within each community to explore potential collaboration
  • Design activities to understand relationships among stakeholders, as well as need, wants and requirements for building a community of practice
  • Ensure information being communicated to stakeholders has been appropriately generated as well as received and understood

Messaging Strategy & Execution

  • Develop brand narratives that are dynamic, sustainable, and resilient, including messages and storylines relevant to and resonant with stakeholders
  • Develop and implement strategic marketing and PR campaigns with focused messaging as well as multi-channel strategies utilizing various communication channels
  • Develop communication campaigns covering targeted geographies, regions that are culturally relevant
  • Prepare messaging plan(s), development, and delivery leveraging information and resources available, incorporate data-driven decision making as well as other successful collaboratives

Communication Models & Methodology

  • Effective multi-modal communications approaches to elevate voices and articulate various perspectives

Communication Specialties:

COVID Communications
Under-Represented Populations
Cultural Diversity