Marketing Services

Value-Based Engagement

  • Build  a frameworks to clarify and organize how engagement occurs
  • Build infrastructure, processes, and systems to create, implement, measure, and adapt multi-year engagement program(s)
  • Develop and implement proven value-based engagement campaigns that engage communities in tangible and measurable ways
  • Establish engagement methodology, tools, and resources that will be deployed to accomplish scope of work

Campaign Management

  • Develop and implement Campaign Management Plan(s) that are scalable, strategic and time bound as well as include innovative ways to effectively and quickly communicate to stakeholders and outreach community using technology, such as mobile devices and social media
  • Create Campaign Management Plans that include innovative tactics and tools that are used to identify, report, track and respond miscommunication
  • Create, maintain, drive ongoing campaign calendar(s)
  • Subject matter expertise and project support helping our clients develop and implement recruiting, enrolling, engaging, messaging strategy campaigns using multi-faceted communications strategies and platforms

Community Outreach/Relations

  • Lead, coordinate, and staff outreach efforts at community-based events
  • Establish connections with community organizations, businesses, facilities, and others to promote event, strengthen your relationship with your community and stakeholders
  • Use best practices, tools, techniques, and approaches in planning and implementing outreach events to keep your community engaged and informed

Enrollment Management

  • Enrollment insights that identify, attract, and matriculate the most promising prospective students
  • Enrollment Consulting:
    • Marketing & Communication: Market Research, Strategic Marketing Plans, Digital/Print, Media Materials, Radio/TV, Promotional Items, Channel Strategy
    • Outreach and Recruitment: Communication Plans, Develop & Build/Maintain Community Partnerships, Predictive Modeling, Direct Mail/Email Marketing Lead Buys