Process Improvement

Continuous Process Improvement

  • Project management services to ensure that all projects stay on schedule; desired outcomes are achieved; obstacles and solutions are quickly identified; progress is reported in a timely manner, and project status meetings occur regularly
  • Establish an on-going stakeholder infrastructure to minimize the cost of collaboration (time, meetings, training, etc.) and to accelerate the decision-making process
  • Develop project work plans and maintain step-by-step monitoring and planning of project milestones, timelines, and changes delivering successful outcomes and value
  • Incorporate project management best practices & tools/techniques such as Brainstorming, Workshops, Activities, Gannt Charts, Flow Charting, and Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Incorporate continuous process improvement to ensure your project is efficient, effective, and productive.  Benefits include:  compliance, satisfaction, improved outcomes, lower costs, streamlined processes

Market Research

  • Market Research tools and best practice to understand wants & relationships, needs, requirements of stakeholders
  • Design & conduct surveys to analyze impact of communication approach, activities, and engagement
  • Incorporate market research techniques such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, customer journey mapping and customer observation to understand needs and expectations of stakeholders, brand strength, S.W.O.T analysis, competitive analysis, and price sensitivity

Insights & Analytics

  • Implement performance metrics & indicators to monitor, recognize, report, and incorporate tracking improvements
  • Cross-functional collaboration to review performance, baselines, benchmarks and develop strategies for continuous process improvement
  • Establish key performance indicators, objectives, outcomes, and goals
  • Understand emerging trends and leverage SME (subject matter expert) to conceptualize, design and deliver solutions

Documentation Management

  • Implement policies and procedures to ensure privacy and confidentiality of records
  • Streamline the collection, processing, and reporting of data
  • Create and maintain a document management system to help organize files and data in one place, keep track of all critical documents, speed up your workflow, improve accuracy and provide around the clock access to documents
  • Lessons Learned