Continuous Process Improvement

Enrollment Marketing Solutions (BEP/WBE Certified) process improvement services help our clients reduce waste, increase service/product offering efficiencies and implement effective processes to reach desired outcomes.

Agile Methodology

  • Ability to manage changing priorities
  • Project visibility
  • Business alignment
  • Time to market
  • Team Morale

Workflow Management

  • Create  and manage workflow charts, diagrams, check lists to stakeholders
  • Develop and manage sequential workflow
  • Key metric workflow reporting, dashboards, and roll-ups

Data Science

  • Establish key performance indicators, objectives, outcomes, and goals
  • Implement performance metrics & indicators to monitor, recognize, report, and incorporate tracking improvements
  • Understand emerging trends and leverage SME (subject matter expert) to conceptualize, design and deliver solutions
  • Cross-functional collaboration to review performance, baselines, benchmarks and develop strategies for continuous process improvement

SOW Management

  • Facilitate Discovery Session(s)
  • Market Research (Qualitative/Quantitative)
  • Write a narrative description of project’s work requirements which include project-specific actions, deliverables, and timelines
  • Execute and manage statement of work/scope of work