Enrollment Marketing Solutions Project Work

Higher Education

EMS team developed and implemented comprehensive strategic communications management plans resulting in client shorter lead time to market by 25%. Elements included: outreach campaigns, campaign performance, outcomes and measurements/metrics, marketing materials, synchronized brand identity across all platforms, targeted audience strategy, and content. Marketing campaign management generated on average .7% response rate (avg industry .05%-.2%). Established key enrollment Indicators resulting in a 5% response increase above industry standards. Projects included: Graduate School, SCPS, Summer Sessions, eMBA, Allied Health, Biomedical, Child Law, Compliance Law, Health Law, Health Leadership, MBA Healthcare, Healthcare Management, and School of Nursing/Health Professions.

EMS team built and implemented comprehensive strategic communications plans that enabled the client to increase enrollments strategically and develop a more coordinated approach to enrollment management using multi-channel lead strategies. Strategies included: program messages, compelling content, utilization of multi-media tools and techniques, Strategies increased leads by .5%; conversion by 1.5%. EMS team accountable for project delivery which included $1,000,000 plus marketing budget spend managing stakeholders, marketing assets, procurement management, risk management, change management and forty plus vendors. Due to superior service performance creating accessibility, system flexibility, order fill rate lead time /order cycle time cut by 5 days project was delivered ahead of schedule and on budget.

EMS team identified detailed objectives for expanding online graduate and undergraduate inquiry pools and targeting marketing and recruitment efforts to reach more students who were likely to enroll and increase yield.  Collaborated in cross-function meetings to identify and resolve issues, manage change management process, and integrate lead generation processes between program directors in Arts and Science, School of Business, Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, Law, Public Administration, Fire Science, Nursing, MSCJ, MSLS, MSHE, and Education.  Built a comprehensive enrollment plan that enabled the university to increase enrollment strategically and develop a more coordinated approach to enrollment management using lead direct mail strategies.  Optimized direct mail across multiple channels using strategies that included A/B split campaign targeting, pricing, and list development; A/B split variable data.  Defined objectives and deliverables, roles and responsibilities for each of the stakeholders, the approach and resources need to support the project(s).

EMS team managed alignment across all key stakeholders and partnering agencies ( internal/external )using effective communication skills and the ability to lead business partner discussions which helped keep the projects within budget, scope, and time.  Created and executed a strategic marketing project plan that would drive engagement with prospective students, increase funnel numbers, applications and enrollments. Built a comprehensive strategy for increasing the lead inquiry pool for The School of Nursing and Health Profession programs (RN-MSN, DNP, MPH, MSBH, PsyD, BHS, and MSHI) that included forecasting, benchmarking, market research, and multi-channel lead generation which generated .25% increase in enrollments into their DNP program within two weeks of a direct mail drop.  Collaborated cross-functionally with marketing, creative services, external agencies to help identify new market opportunities and maximize ROI.  Developed strategy & execution for market research for seven separate programs to determine overall reputation, perceptions, SWOT analysis, level of interest, barriers, brand reach, and price sensitivity.


EMS team developed and designed a statement of work (SOW) for a Managed Care HealthChoice of IL Client which helped serve as a blueprint for multiple community health outreach event projects. The statement of work (SOW) gave the client an overview, governance details, and approach. The strategic approach would help the client establish footprints into new communities saving time and reducing costs.  The statement of work detailed multiple event project-specific activities (deliverables, locally relevant details, and timelines). Activities included our approach, key deliverables & tools, tasks, milestones, dates of key deliverables, call to action items, event promotions, community partnership opportunities, strategies/tactics used to leverage current community partners & influencers, success criteria, budget/resource breakout, and any assumptions and risks. Event outcomes: ensure health equity across all ethnic groups in the State of Illinois, increase current client membership utilization of program offerings, identify new prospective members to the client’s Health Plan family of service, maintain and strengthen client brand, leverage digital assets, promote relevant messaging, address care gap closures, improve the way client communicates with members and prospective members, and promote strong healthy families.

EMS team developed a Go-To-Market Strategic Plan for a Managed Care HealthChoice of IL Client for a Health Series to targeted communities in the State of Illinois. The main objective of the GTM (Go-To-Market) Plan was to help the client develop a strategic roadmap that offered compelling and unique value propositions to their target audience to enhance the customer experience and gain a competitive advantage. The plan included marketing and effective communication initiatives that would prioritize growth and retention strategies in targeted countries using market research, tactics, key engagement tools,  A/B split variable messaging, KPI’s and metrics reporting to help maintain and grow market positions. The business objective: increase awareness and services and solutions giving the client a unique opportunity to expand and retain Medicaid and Marketplace Plan members.

EMS team developed and designed a community outreach member engagement video vignette scope of work for a Managed Care HealthChoice of IL Plan. The scope of work gave the company necessary direction needed for the multiple video projects using a clear and detailed workflow (project plan). The workflow detailed how Enrollment Marketing Solutions would create a suite of member-centric animated video vignettes to help their members/prospective members navigate the plan website and other platforms. The videos were a creative approach that ensured plan members/prospective members had what they needed to make the best healthcare decisions. Objectives: member retention & engagement, reinforce brand reset, improve health outcomes & support, ensure cultural relevancy, and establish plan as an innovative marketplace leader for quality government-sponsored healthcare. Business benefits: increased ROI using videos to inspire marketing-specific actions, memorable & measurable (track & measure audience engagement), ability to give members/ prospective members what they want, rank higher in search, increase website traffic, increase conversions, and influence their buying decision.

Worked on global stream projects (Global Learning Content Catalog and Patient Life) simultaneously leading multiple project teams composed of cross-functional representation from multiple business units. Developed documentation repository solutions in SharePoint. Responsible for coordination of stakeholders and vendor management including contract reviews and renewals. Determined multiple service offerings to the global team which were underutilized resulting in cost savings of over $500,000. Developed, maintained, and executed quality control program and process for content in the Learning Content Management Platform.  Created and implemented clearly scoped deliverables and innovative solutions using Gantt Charts, Checklists, and Flow Charts: a process which Increased efficiencies for 400 + Global Learning Content Catalog team.  Patient Life project focused on generating insights into customer’s journey/experience with product offerings, expand market opportunities, and increase ROI using a video simulation program.